EVP Psychosis : A Danger of EVP

EVP Psychosis : A Danger of EVP

EVP PSYCHOSIS: A True and Personal Account of Hearing Voices after Experiments with EVP
(A Danger of Experimenting with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
by B. Edwards
I certainly know how strange this account will sound to most, believe me I fully understand. Some will just dismiss it outright, some will say that I”m just delusional and suffering from mental illness. However, in the small chance that someone who has experienced something similar finds this, an experience so horrific and bizarre, they will know what I”m talking about right away and they can be further reassured that they were never alone in the terror of what they experienced. Let me just add that numerous times I tried to convince myself that what I was experiencing was in fact some strange form of trickery conceived by my own mind, yet I could never succeed in convincing myself of this. There was simply too many strange experiences that defied reason and logic. There was also too much electronic evidence that others besides myself had heard and verified as well.
Others may say that I”m focusing too much on negativity and negative thinking, that like attracts like, etc…..etc….. Well, all I can say is that after my brief involvement with spirit communication via EVP, there is very real dark side out there, there is no brushing it under the rug. There is no driving it away with incense or such. It is very real and it pervades very close to us at all times. It is like a dark cloud that lingers over our world, and if we start exploring the unknown, then it can unfortunately all to often so easily be found. Once discovered by opening a door to this darkness, the door cannot easily be closed.
My story began in the winter of 2015, when a personal interest in the paranormal brought me face to face with a situation that I was far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I was naive to the extreme and I am still paying the price for it. My involvement with EVP work yielded results rather quickly. Within just two weeks I was capturing voices on practically every recording session that I did. At the time, I was beside myself with the realization of it all that I threw caution to the wind and did not see the dangers that were forming around me. When I first started capturing EVPs, all of the voices that I was hearing on my recordings were all seemingly benevolent and kind. I proceeded to try and learn more about these that spirits that I was communicating with. I would ask them questions about themselves, such as who they were, where were they from and when did they live. To my surprise, many of the voices claimed to be the spirits of people that I had known of or the relatives of people that I knew personally. For example, one voice claimed to be the spirit of a relative of my next door neighbor. This made perfect sense to me that they would be close by keeping an eye on their family.
As the days passed, it was clear to me that I was getting better at hearing these voices on my recordings. In the beginning, most were very faint, but I would listen to each recording over and over again and became better able to discern what was being spoken. There were also occasions when I would hear much louder responses. These were usually preceded by a strange popping sound. I must admit that I let myself become swept up in all of this. Doing EVP recording sessions came to be something of an obsession for me. This is where a great danger lies I believe. I easily allowed my curiosity about what I was experiencing and the mystery of it all to blind me to any potential dangers. I fully admit that at the time, what I was experiencing seemed too wondrous and benevolent, that the thought of potential dangers never even entered my mind. I tread into the danger zone blinded by my own naivety and soon enough I would pay a terrible price for it.
For about the first month of my doing EVP recording sessions, everything remained seemingly harmless and the voices that I was hearing on my recordings were always benevolent. All of that began to change as I entered the second month of recording (February, 2015). It started small with a single negative comment on one of my recordings. It was so out of the ordinary for what I had been experiencing, that I was a bit surprised, but didn”t really consider it a big deal and I kept going forward with recording. But as the days went by, more and more of these negative comments appeared. They usually took the form of insults, threats and profanity. I began to be deeply troubled by this, but I was also still hearing the usual benevolent voices that had been there all along and I believed myself to have developed such a rapport with them that I did not at the time want to abandon them because a few “bad characters” had now shown up during my recording sessions, causing disruptions.
With each passing day during each of my recording sessions, the presence of this malevolent element increased more and more until it would be accurate to say that they came to dominate my recording sessions. I asked the benevolent spirits about these malevolent “hecklers” and I was told “they”re not here” and to “ignore them.” I began to wonder if I was hearing into different dimensional planes, that the benevolent spirits were in one dimension and the malevolent spirits were in another and that perhaps they were not aware of each other, but both were aware of me. This is at least what I was pondering about the situation at the time. Towards the end of February, I was hearing some truly disturbing things on my EVP recordings, such as:
“today you lose Brian”
“the house is ours”
“they”re all over you”
“f@&k you Brian, you betrayed us”
“dead man”
So much had changed over the course of just two months.
Then one day something unexpected and very disturbing happened to me. I was at my work and had just turned on a ceiling fan when over the noise of the fan, I began to hear these same menacing voices that I had been hearing for the past few weeks on my recordings. Only now, I was hearing them with my naked ears, coming over the steady noise of the fan quite clearly. A similar incident happened at my home only a few days later when I again heard these voices with my naked ears over the sound of a running fan. It was also clear to me at this point that I was being followed by at least some of the spirits that I had been communicating with. On a few occasions (before the incidents of hearing the voices outside of my recordings) merely out of curiosity, I had done EVP sessions at my work in the morning before anyone else arrived. Sure enough, when I went home after work and listened to the recording, I was also capturing EVPs there as well. In fact, on one occasion I heard the name “Lucy” on one of my recordings that I made at my work and later that evening, I also heard the name “Lucy” on a recording that I did at home. This would not be the last time that I heard about Lucy.
I began to suspect right away that I was being followed. One day on my drive home from work, as an experiment, I used my iPhone to do a recording session. Sure enough, once I arrived home and reviewed the recording that I had made during my drive, I heard voices as well, and primarily the menacing voices at that. This turn of events made me seriously reconsider the wisdom of continuing to pursue my EVP work. On the one hand, during the previous month I had felt that I was experiencing something remarkable and life changing, something that would that would open my eyes to a much broader understanding of the truer nature of reality. But now it was becoming all to apparent that I had been careless and naive and that I had gotten myself into situation where now I was in way over my head. At this time, when these troubling incidents first began, I was still convinced in my own mind that I was dealing with two separate elements here, the benevolent spirits whom I had initially come into contact with, and the malevolent spirits that arrived on the scene later and began causing problems during the second month of my EVP work. I had developed something of a rapport with that first group, the benevolent spirits, that the thought had not yet occurred to me that I was being deceived all along. Even to this day, as I write this, a year and a half after I first started getting involved with EVP work, I simply cannot say with any degree of certainly what exactly happened. It is my primary opinion that I was being deceived and set up all along, but I admit that I simply cannot be certain of that. I”ve discovered from this ordeal that it”s very tricky to even state that you”re certain of anything regarding this experience. But in my personal judgment, due to my own carelessness and lack of judgement, I allowed myself to walk right into a trap that would have dreadful and life altering consequences for me.
Towards the end of February and early March, I continued to have more of these disturbing incidents of hearing these menacing voices outside of my recordings. I decided then and there to quit doing EVP sessions. I decided to do one last recording session where I explained to the “benevolent” spirits that I had heard since the beginning. When I went back and listened to that recording, I heard several voices telling me “it”s ok Brian.” Unfortunately, quitting EVP work did not improve my situation. In fact, throughout March, things progressively got worse for me. It seemed all too clear to me at the time that while doing my EVP work, I had somehow adapted/altered/enhanced my hearing to be able to hear these spirits. I had tuned my hearing perception into them apparently and now I was able to hear them without the need of a voice recorder.
Often when I was hearing them during these few weeks of escalation, it was just as with the first incident of hearing them over the fan noise. They would use existing sounds, such as fans, engine noise, running water, any steady noise to manipulate into a louder voice. However, this was not always the case. Other times I would simply hear these voices as if they were speaking from right beside of me. I began to notice late at night, as I lay in bed, I began to hear what sounded like conversations coming from the room beneath me. Accompanying these conversations was a strange humming sound, as if coming from some type of machinery. As the days went by, something else started to occur. As I lay in bed at night or in the morning, or even at times when I would be on a couch reading or watching television, I began to experience a strange and intense vibration sensation. It was usually located on a specific area of my body, such as at my side, my lower back and my legs.
These strange occurrences became even more disturbing when one night after I had just gone to bed, I felt what I can only describe as the feeling of a finger, coming up out of the mattress and poking me in the lower back, causing me great discomfort. Needless to say, this caused me great distress and hindered my ability to get to sleep easily. I would jump out of bed panicked and angry, but whenever I went back into my bed, this terrible sensation of a finger poking me in the back would start right back up again. This went on for many nights and it wasn”t until I passed out from sheer exhaustion that I was able to get any sleep at all. During one of these episodes, I heard a voice say “that was Jesus.”
One morning in mid-March (the month of escalation as I call it), I went into work and found the voicemail light was lit up on my work phone, which of course is nothing out of the ordinary at all. When I played the message I heard a mysterious distorted voice say “who are you?” Yet another incident that disturbed me greatly for I had little doubt that this strange message was from this same group of malevolent spirits that had been tormenting me for the past few weeks. A few days later there was a repeat of this. I went into work one morning to find a message on my voicemail that said “we”re coming for you.” Things were getting increasingly bad at this point. I was hearing these voices several times a day. I admit that at the time that I was doing EVP sessions, I was not what you would call a very religious person. I had been raised Catholic but in my teenage years I fell away from the church. I returned again for a very short while sometime in my twenties but then fell away again for many years. During these years I had lost all faith and considered myself to be an atheist. But later on, probably in my early to mid-thirties, my mind became full of spiritual questions again. In a sense, I softened my stance and began to consider myself an agnostic. During these years I can say that I was full of wondering, full of questions and ponderings about spiritual matters. I suppose that it was with this state of mind that I so easily allowed myself to be swept up and throw caution to the wind during my brief experimentation with the Electronic Voice Phenomenon.
Back tracking a bit to when I was doing my recording sessions. In the first couple of weeks of recording (in January, 2015) my sessions mainly consisted of myself asking these spirits personal questions about themselves such as their names, where they were from, when they were born, etc…, things along those lines. For some reason I never did get into questions about the nature of where they were. Something inside of me just seemed to keep me from doing this. A couple of weeks into my recording (which pretty much had become a nightly routine at this point) I began to hear voices on my recordings saying “Help me.” I did not know what to make of this at first as it seemed so out of place with the rest of what I had been hearing. I did not know how to respond to this at first, so I did nothing. As the days went by, I kept hearing “help me.” So I finally responded to this by saying “what can I do to help you?” I heard the reply “pray for us.” This confused me even further. I continued to hear these occasional voices saying “help me” and every time I responded to this, the reply was always the same….”pray for us”
As I stated, while I was doing my EVP work, though I was spiritually curious you could say, I was not that you would call religious. However, in March, when the nightmare that I was finding myself in was rapidly escalating, well I guess you could say my ass got scared back to church. My mind all in a frenzy as it was at this point, believing that I had come into contact with two completely separate and different groups from the spirit realms, the benevolent spirits whom I had originally come into contact with, and the malevolent spirits that broke into my recording sessions then came out of the recordings and were proceeding to make my life a waking nightmare. But in the frenzy and confusion of the situation, I remembered back to when I heard those voices on my recordings saying “help me” and asking for my prayers. At this time, aside from praying to Jesus for deliverance from this terrible situation, I also began to pray for these “benevolent” spirits that had asked me to pray for them. I began to pray for them fervently, every day. At this point things began to escalate even further. It is true that things were already becoming a nightmare even before I began to pray for these spirits, but once I did start praying for them, the situation began to fall apart even further and faster.
While I prayed for these particular spirits, I began to feel strange physical sensations. It was like small objects, for lack of a better description, literally landing on my body. I could literally feel them, usually two or three at a time moving around on me, usually on my back. This should have been enough to make me realize right then and there that something was not right here, but in my state of mind at the time, I actually thought that what I was feeling were the malevolent, evil spirits trying to prevent me from helping the benevolent spirits by praying for them as they had requested of me. I know how terribly strange this all must sound, but I openly profess that with all the strange and unsettling things that I was experiencing at the time, my mind and my train of thought was in a state of very much lacking clarity.
What seemed to feed my frenzied state of mind further and my confusion, was that I would hear voices saying to me “thank you for praying for us.” However, I then also started to hear voices saying to me “don”t pray for us.” At first I suspected that this was merely more trickery by the malevolent spirits, so I continued to include prayers for the “benevolent” group of spirits that I had been communicating with. But the strange physical sensations that I was experiencing while praying for them, and the continued escalation of the voices finally became too distressing to me and it became very apparent to me that my actions were only making the situation worse. So I stopped praying at this time for any spirits, but this did nothing to change the situation and things only continued to get worse by the day.
Towards the end of March, I knew that things were now spinning out of control. Several times a day I would hear voices speaking to me through various steady background noises. Sometimes it was my name I heard, but usually it was some negative comment about me. One afternoon, over the noise of a ceiling fan, I heard a malevolent sounding voice say “we can see you, we can hear you, and we can touch you.” Things were getting worse by the day, but I still at this time could not imagine just how much worse they could get. There is one thing significant I should note here about this escalation period. At this time, I was hearing several voices but there was one voice that seemed to stand out from them all as being the most tormenting. This was the voice of a young woman that I had first started to hear a few weeks after I had begun doing EVP sessions. Out of all of the voices, she seemed to be present the most, tormenting me mercilessly. One afternoon while I was at work just about to finish out the day, I received a phone call. The caller was a young male voice inquiring about whether we were hiring. At first it seemed like a perfectly normal phone call, but then the male caller started to act odd and belligerent and I realized right away that this was some type of prank call. Then unexpectedly, I heard an all too familiar female voice say “is that Brian?” To my horror, it was the same young female voice that had been tormenting me for weeks. By this time, I would know this voice anywhere. It was then that I realized that I was receiving a phone call from the other side. I felt a sense of panic and shock come over me. My mind was spinning in confusion. I couldn”t believe now remarkably clear the call was. Right up to the moment that I heard that female voice, I had just assumed that it was a regular prank call.
As troubling as this incident was, it was not the first time that I had received a real time phone call from the other side. Back in February, the second month of my EVP experimentation, again one afternoon at my work, I received a phone call. On the other end of the line I heard what sounded like a room full of people holding numerous conversations all at once. I could hear allot of talking but I could not make out exactly what was being spoken. I listened for a few moments thinking that this was a rather odd telephone call and then I hung up the phone. I did not at the time think that this strange call was paranormal in any way. It wasn”t until a couple of nights later, while listening to the playback of one of my EVP sessions, that I heard a voice say “we called you.” When I heard this, my mind immediately went back to the mysterious phone call from a couple of days before. I realized then that there was a very real possibility that this mysterious phone call was from these very same spirits that I had been communicating with through EVP.
I had by this time (late March) received a few troubling voicemails on my phone at work from these malevolent spirits, but real time phone calls from them was something that at this time caught me off guard. Yet, in the weeks and months that followed, telephone calls from these malevolent spirits would become a routine part of the horrific oppression that I was about to experience. One thing of note about these phone call incidents. Whenever I”ve received phone calls from the other side, it was always over the phones at my work. I have never received a real time phone call nor a voice mail on my cellular phone. There were a few incidents where I believed that these harassing spirits did manipulate my cell phone, but that was in the form of a text message (which I will discuss further along in my account). I certainly have no vast knowledge pf the particulars and details of establishing this kind of communication with the other side (via telephone) but I have always wondered if this is something more easily achieved with a land line phone. I simply do not know.
One morning in the first week of April (2015), I was at work doing my normal routines when suddenly I started hearing constant voices from within my own head. For the past few weeks I had been hearing this group of malevolent spirits and though it had gotten to the point where I was hearing them every day, their voices always appeared to be originating from the outside/external to me and they had also not been constant at this point but occasionally heard a various times over the course of any given day. That morning in April was the first time that I was hearing them from within and it was also the first time that I was hearing them constantly, non-stop and without let up. I had been through allot these past few weeks, but this was now at a whole new level. I was gripped by panic, told my boss that I was sick and headed straight for home. I remember that particular drive home to be a brutal one. Voices now were coming from everywhere, numerous tormenting voices all around me. When I got home, things continued to escalate. There was nothing that I could do to stop the terrifying onslaught of voices. I called out of work the next few days as well. I was utterly helpless and just spent days lying in bed staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep, lying awake for hours on end suffering the constant abuse of these malicious voices. The physical sensations that I had been randomly experiencing back in March now returned and were much worse than before. As I lay in bed one night, I remember, unable to sleep, I recall the feeling of small “creatures” latching onto my side and causing very uncomfortable stinging sensations. I also experienced the horrific sensation of what I can only describe as “something” around the size of a golf ball literally moving around inside my body, creating this terrible vibration feeling from within me.
It literally seemed like every waking moment I was living some hellish nightmare that just wouldn”t end. I just lay there in bed or I would go out to my back porch and smoke cigarette after cigarette. When I was outside, I recall days when there was what I call “the stadium effect.” This nightmarish experience was what I can only describe as like being shouted down to and mocked by an entire sports stadium of screaming voices. When “the stadium effect” occurred, it was literally like I was being harassed by thousands upon thousands of voices. Constantly I was bombarded with voices that would torment me with
“you piece of shit”
“you prayed for the wrong spirits”
“you shouldn”t have prayed for people who didn”t want your prayers”
“this is the biggest haunting ever”
“we”re going to take your spirit”
And much much more along those lines.
Once the voices started at this extreme level that first morning at my work, they never stopped, not for a moment, they were relentless beyond description. The only reprieve that I ever got during these days was for a few brief moments when I first awoke from sleep. In these brief moments, there was something there once so familiar and precious, but now lost to me……..silence.
Words cannot describe the onslaught of these menacing voices during these days. Just as before, I would often hear these voices speaking over a steady source of background noise. When I heard them like this, it was as if they were manipulating and distorting the soundwaves to form a menacing voice. Though I heard them in other ways, when they spoke over a source of noise like this, they were loudest. Now it was as if these tormenting, evil voices would emerge from anything that made a steady sound such as fans, car engines, passing cars, running water, the sound of the wind while driving with a window down, this list goes on, etc…. There was one terrifying voice that I would hear several times a day during these hellish first few weeks of this terrible ordeal that had such a deep bass intensity to its voice that when this particular voice spoke, I literally felt shock waves, as if the very ground was shaking. There was also with these voices, a strange effect of distance. Though I could always hear them, and most often the voices seemed to be coming from very close to me, at other times it seemed like the voices were speaking off in the distance, sometimes it seemed like from over the horizon. Yet to my misfortune, I could always hear them clearly enough whether they seemed to be originating close to me or from off in the distance.
Many was the night that I just lay in bed, not sure how I was going to survive if things continued like this. Accompanying the menacing voices and the physical sensations, I would often hear this very high pitched ringing in my ears. It wasn”t constant, but it was very intense. To me at the time, it felt like the like the sound of my mind and my sanity fragmenting into a thousand pieces. For the first two weeks of this hellish nightmare, I found myself unable to get very much sleep at all. There was no let up between the voices during the day or at night.
Another thing of note is that even though I heard these voices in various ways and most often it seemed like I was surrounded by them, I did notice that quite often, the voices seemed to be originating from the very same room where I had done the vast majority of my EVP sessions. I had done the majority of my EVP recordings in a spare bedroom on the second story of my house. Now, suffering through this terrible ordeal, I spent most nights in a downstairs bedroom, trying desperately to sleep but unsuccessful for the most part. I remember vividly that numerous times, even several times a day/night, I would hear these persecuting voices originating from that same upstairs bedroom from where I had done my EVP recordings. It was as if these malevolent spirits used that room as a launching point for their attacks against me. If there was any significance to that room as far as if it was some type of entrance point to another dimension that I had contributed to opening by doing my EVP recordings in that room so often, I simply cannot say.
One of the worst aspects of the beginning stages of this terrible spiritual attack was that for the first few weeks of April, when things were at their worst, I found myself unable to get very much sleep at all and also I found it extremely difficult to maintain a regular diet. During these days, I simply was too distraught to have much of an appetite. There was a terrible two-week period where I was only averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night. I was taking over the counter sleep aids but they seemed to have little or no effect at all. This resulted in a couple of nights where I had extreme hallucinations/visions of spectral forms in my presence. Now I do admit that I was in a very weakened condition during these “visual incidents”, however I”ve always since had the suspicion that the visions that I was seeing on these occasions were being “fed” into my mind by these attacking spirits. Each time that I had these visual experiences, they were preceded by the sensation of something small latching onto the side of my body. Of course I cannot be certain, I was hardly eating or sleeping at the time, but it does remain a suspicion of mine.
My sleeping situation improved a little when I was able to get on a brief prescription of Ambien. However, that occasion when I went to see a doctor to get the prescription was a very troubling experience in itself. As I waited in the waiting room to speak to a doctor, the voices became very strong. Suddenly, from seemingly out of nowhere, on my cell phone, I received a text message that read “WE ARE HERE” and then I heard the sound of an arriving text message on my phone at least five or six times in succession. I have never been able to explain this occurrence. I had previous to this experienced direct phone calls and voice mails from these spirits. Were they now able to send text messages to my phone? I was at the time and still am, unable to rule out this possibility.
When I did speak to the doctor, I mentioned nothing about starting to hear voices at a psychosis level as a result of experimenting with EVP. I told him that I had just recently been experiencing a lack of appetite and an inability to get a full night of sleep. When the doctor had a look at me, he noticed that my tongue was very pale and that I was on top of all of this suffering from dehydration. The doctor had a nurse attach an IV to me and then the nurse left the room for a little while, but to me it seemed like an eternity. Unfortunately for me, in this room, there was a rather loud electric fan running over which came the menacing voices in an intense manner.
“we”ll be taking you to Hell” I remember hearing.
These were my darkest days, when I was gripped by anxiety and fear at every waking moment. I only used one prescription full of Ambien, but though I did not return to a perfectly normal sleep routine, it did help in providing me with more than just 4 hours of sleep a night while it lasted.
I remember on many occasions during these distressing days being threatened by these evil spirits. Numerous times I heard them say “we are taking your spirit” or “your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.” I fully admit that in the panic and mental chaos that I was experiencing, for a time I believed them. However, my execution date would always come and go but nothing would ever happen except for them postponing “my execution” until the next week.
During these first few weeks of this full force spirit obsession, I also experienced the phenomenon of hearing these malevolent spirits moving around through my house. I often heard them moving around in the upstairs bedroom where I had done the majority of my EVP sessions. There were several occasions when I heard a ruckus and running around on the second level of my home. I would also hear the sound of people running down my stairs, sometimes banging on walls and doors and on one occasion, I witnessed a door slammed open violently before my eyes. All of these occurrences happened during a period when I was in emotional turmoil. I know that there is allot of material out there that tells about how negative emotions can strengthen and feed negative energies. From what I personally experienced, I have to agree with this 100%, for it was only during these times when I was emotionally distraught, feeling intense fear, panic and dread, that I ever experienced any “poltergeist” activity first hand. It”s been over a year now since these beginning stages of my spirit obsession predicament and I have not experienced them since. This I believe is a result of being able to get my emotions under control and no longer emitting strong negative emotions out into my surrounding environment. I cannot say that this seems to apply however with the phone calls and voice mails. These malevolent spirits seem to be better able to maintain/ keep up that particular type of activity regardless of my emotional state.
During these terrible days, I became victim to the psychological games that these malevolent spirits like to torment their victims with. I heard so much from them that I cannot recall all of it in detail, but I remember hearing allot of
“you prayed for the wrong spirits”
“we have broken your spirit”
“this will not be over until you stop thinking about spirits”
And much more. These malevolent attacking spirits like to berate you and criticize you to an extreme level for “your sins.” They will act as if they are sitting in judgement of you and they will exaggerate matters in an effort to cause you as much emotional distress as possible. They are very masterful at doing this. In my own case, in the beginning stages of my ordeal, I was still in a sense, in shock to be confronted with these other worldly forces to such a degree that I was unfortunately in a position to be easily deceived and manipulated by the things that they were saying to me.
During the first few months of this ordeal, I also noticed that a more “benevolent” element appeared as a sort of counter balance to the overwhelming onslaught of negative voices that I was hearing. This is one aspect of my own personal experience that I still carry much uncertainty about, for I cannot help but have the suspicion that at least a large segment of these more “benevolent” voices were actually the malevolent group attempting to further deceive and disorient me by playing a psychological game of “good cop – bad cop.” In the year and a half between the time that I write this account and the time that this situation became a nightmarish experience in the Spring of 2015, I do believe that on occasion, I have heard from truly benevolent spirits. They gave me uplifting messages such as “you don”t have to listen” and “don”t believe everything you hear” and they were never intrusive like the negative group. However, I do believe that negative spirits often employ a deceptive strategy of attempting to pass themselves off as “helpers” so one finding themselves in an unfortunate situation such as this must always be on guard and aware of this possibility when analyzing what one is hearing.
Another tactic that these malevolent spirits employ is to turn your own religious beliefs against you. Contrary to what many may believe, (and I base this on my personal experience and interactions with these evil spirits) evil spirits do not outright shun nor are they repelled by religious prayers, images and sacred names alone. Rather what I observed is that they would twist the situation around to make you feel very low in your spiritual beliefs, ie: they would try to make you feel like you were the biggest sinner in the world and that you were unworthy of grace and redemption. One must also be on guard against the measures these malevolent spirits will go to, to deceive, manipulate and turn your own spiritual beliefs against you in an effort to further break you down mentally.
These negative earthbound spirits will contrive a variety of psychological mind games to wear down their victims to a very negative emotional state. It is fair to say that they know you well. They will construct their mind games around what they think will cause you the most distress. One must learn to see through their illusions and the sooner the better. By disregarding the content of what these negative voices say, one can take away their strength. I recently heard one of my tormentors say to me “your power is in not believing us.” Once you stop believing them, their hold over you weakens significantly and now the path is clearer to begin retraining your mind to block out the voices so that you are not hearing them at all times. In the very beginning of my spirit attachment ordeal, the voices were so incredibly intense, I found it extremely difficult at times to concentrate on even the simplest task. For a time I tried to avoid being around friends and family because I simply could not keep my thoughts together. However, now over a year since this all began for me, most of my days pass with these heckling voices being nothing more than faint chatter in the background and when I do hear them, I am completely indifferent to the content of what I am hearing from them. It is more than obvious to me that their motivation is to drag me down to a negative state of mind. But I will not play their game. I will not drink the Kool-Aid that they are peddling. I will not believe anything I hear from them at face value and I have come to fully understand that I don”t have to listen.
About three months into this form of oppressive voice-based spiritual attack, after living day to day under a constant siege of menacing voices and disruptive physical sensations, I began to search on the internet to see if I could find any information or any documentation of this form of oppression which was brought about as a result of engaging in spirit communication. I began to do internet searches using various keywords and within a short amount of time, I did find a very small number of accounts that seemed very similar to my own. There was a point just a few weeks prior to this when I would have been apprehensive about doing anything that would possibly bring about further abuse by these menacing voices. Now I was taking the first steps in defying them and breaking free from the hold they sought to establish over me where I would be in a state that I would be allowing them to manipulate me through intimidation and psychological torture. Of these few accounts that I found, I did reach out to those that posted their story online and I did receive a few replies. Those I have met since this all began for me have shared their experiences with me and have been extremely helpful in helping me to overcome my fear of these tormenting entities. It is always important to remember that no matter what you hear from these negative spirits, know that you are not alone in what you are experiencing. Sensitives and those with extra-sensory perceptions have been experiencing these types of spiritual attacks at the hands of these negative earthbound spirits for countless ages.
These malevolent spirits, through their use of psychological mind games will try and keep you in a state where they can isolate and manipulate you. I know of accounts where they told individuals that they shouldn”t leave their homes, that their friends and neighbors secretly hated them, things along those lines. It is all mind games, that is their forte, playing mind games, saying whatever they can to bring you down and keep you in a negative emotional state. The powerful presence they present is all illusion. Their power and strength can be taken away from them and we can re-train ourselves and our perceptions to ignore them to a very significant degree so that we may return to living our own lives again. Yes, life may certainly be different now, but these attaching and harassing negative entities can be cast into the background of our notice and attention if we do not allow them to hold dominance over us. The power to direct the course of our lives and how we want to live lies with us, not with them.
There is so much more to my personal story. I could probably write a full length book about it (maybe someday). In this particular account, it may seem like I left out certain details or that I didn”t put forth my personal beliefs about certain things regarding this situation enough. My intention was to make this personal account be centered more around my own personal experiences and observations as opposed to being too speculative in certain areas regarding this experience. Admittedly, this whole experience has left me with more questions than answers. But what I have learned with certainty is that these negative earthbound spirits deceive. They are masterful and cunning in deception. They will attempt to deceive in any way they can to make one fall right into their trap. Yet a large degree of their deception is to conceal their own weakness.
June, 2016

The Arena Effect

The Arena Effect

  I was sitting on my back porch when the voices onslaught began. It was mid-afternoon, a bright and sunny day in April. I went outside to smoke another cigarette. I seemed like I was lighting one up about every twenty minutes or so. I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t sleep. If only I could, then at least I could escape, if only for a short time, the living nightmare that these voices were putting me through. However, I was having no luck there at all. Every time that I tried to fall asleep, the voices would seem to get in closer, like they were right up to my ears. There was also the damn physical sensations as well. As soon as I got into bed, I would start feeling jabs, vibrations, things clinging to me, gnawing at me, a whole assortment of discomfort that made sleep damn near impossible. This is why I had only been getting about three or four hours of sleep a night for going on two weeks. I was on the verge of slipping away I felt.

  These sadistic voices showed me no mercy. They were relentless and hitting me with a constant barrage of verbal torment. I couldn’t read a book or watch television or do anything to try and distract myself.  I simply had to endure it. At night, I tried to numb myself with alcohol. I would say that this did take the edge off at least a little, but it didn’t stop the voices by any means. Perhaps the cigarettes helped me to relax at least a little as well. Almost by instinct, I found myself chain-smoking.

  And so there I was out on my back porch smoking yet again. The weather itself was lovely, but my surroundings seemed marred by this upheaval being created by the voices. They seemed to rise and recede like a thunderous tide. The wind was picking up. I heard the rustling of the wind through the trees. This only served to add more sound into the maelstrom of what I was hearing. These invisible entities seemed to be quite skilled and proficient at manipulating raw steady sounds. Well, they certainly were on this day.

 From right behind me, I heard a strange voice say “thank you for making us real again”.

I looked back, I didn’t see anyone. Yet, I still believed that there was someone or something there. The maelstrom of voices went on. I lit up another cigarette. The young woman’s voice began to rise above all of the other voices. Yet, the other voices continued to speak at the same time.

“We will make this the biggest haunting ever” I heard her say.

Who was she?

Who was this female voice?

 I was beginning to notice and recognize the presence of this voice more and more each day. There was venom in her voice. She sounded like she had some kind of personal grudge against me.

  The number of voices seemed to multiply and keep multiplying. Voices seemed to fill the sky to every horizon. I felt like I was in an arena filled with heckling spectators.

“We will make this the biggest haunting ever”

The female voice repeated this a few more times that afternoon.

-written June, 2020

More Talk of an Astral Planet

More Talk of the Astral Planet :

June 15, 2020

10:30 pm

  It was a rough day at work. Now it seems that this entity attachment (Crystal) is trying to make it a rough night for me as well. She’s been quite vocal tonight. I’ve mostly been hearing her voice in a strong, but whispery manner. This is a common way that I hear her. Her voice sounds very whispery, but there’s an intensity to it. Sometimes, it sounds to me like she is shouting in whispers.

   I’m not making out everything that she’s saying at the moment…..thankfully. But, I just heard her saying something about how we are different species. I was also hearing her say something about angels and fallen angels. Last night, she was referring to herself as “a Satanic life form.”

  Just now I heard her say “we are from a spiritual astral planet.”

  I’ve heard her speak of this “astral planet” before on many occasions. But, as I’ve said before, she says all kinds of things. She makes many claims about herself and this situation, yet she can’t seem to keep consistent with most of them.

  I’m about to turn in for the night. I’ll be glad when this day is over. Tomorrow is going to be another rough one. I can feel it. I’m still hearing Crystal talking in the background. She’s not about to call it quits for the night. This is when and where we collide. That is, until sleep wins out and frees me from her intrusions.


Hi Anyone who may find this,

My name is Brian, I’m in my late 30’s and I live near the shore in Southern New Jersey.  I’m writing this blog in a sense for myself, to tell my story, to keep a record of my thoughts, but also if anyone else ever finds themselves in the same strange situation that I have gotten myself into, then I think that it’s important for them to know that they are certainly not alone in what they are experiencing.

My story is a strange one to say the least. It involves hearing voices on a daily basis now and experiencing bizarre physical sensations and even what I can describe sometimes as physical attacks by what I believe are unseen spiritual or extra-dimensional forces. This bizarre situation started for me in the winter of 2015 and has been something that I have lived with on a day to day basis ever since.

Just a bit of background. I have always had what you could say was an on/off interest in all things paranormal. For many years I would occasionally read a book about hauntings or I was fond of watching the popular “ghost hunting” shows on television. But interest in the paranormal was always passing for me, it came and it went. It wasn’t until early in January 2015 that I ever did any sort of “active” investigation into the paranormal.  The means of this active investigation was my brief experimentation with EVP or the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. EVP was something that I had seen done numerous times on the paranormal television shows. I owned a digital recorder so it seemed like a simple way for me to start off my venture with personal investigation into the unknown.

I did my first EVP session during the first week of January 2015. I did this EVP session alone in my own home. I know that there is much material written about never doing anything like this in your own home, but I suppose that at the time I was just being impatient, just rushing to try it out. The results of my first EVP session were disappointing, I heard nothing when I played back the recording. However, I had read up a bit on this subject and had heard that it was something that you often had to put a little effort into. So I kept at it for about two weeks. Then everything changed in the early afternoon of January 17th, 2015.

That afternoon, I performed an EVP session, again, alone in my own home. My results from the previous two weeks of recording was that I had basically captured nothing that I would describe as unusual and certainly not paranormal during my recording sessions. But that afternoon, everything changed. During one session, I asked three questions and captured numerous intelligent responses to each of my questions.

The first question I asked was: Do you like this room, are you ok in this room?

on playback I  had captured a very high pitched female voice that said “I like it in this room”

followed by a very deep male voice that said “OK”

The second question I asked was: Do you like it when I play music in this room. On playback, there was a whispery but unmistakable reply that said “NO”

For my third question I asked: What’s the name of the dog downstairs?

on play back I heard the same deep male voice say “Jenny”, then the same high pitched female voice (though a bit fainter this time) could be heard saying “it’s Jenny”. Then a clear male voice was heard to say “Chris”

That first time listening to that recording was a life changing moment for me to say the least. The reality of it all hit me like a ton of bricks.

This was real, I kept thinking to myself, I was not imagining this, I had really captured these voices on my recording. They were not background noises or stray radio signals, they answered my questions with intelligent responses.

After the success of that afternoons recording, I was pulled in further by my curiosity (and unfortunately the fact that I was very naïve about the risk). I was soon doing EVP sessions at home on a more frequent basis , to the point where it became a regular routine in my life for a brief time.

I’ll write more of my background story next, there’s allot to cover before I get to how my life has been these days.

I just want to quickly say, that my personal experimentation with EVP only lasted about two months before it became a total and complete nightmare, something you’d see in a horror movie. The purpose of this blog is in no way to promote dabbling in this area….far from it, I’m lucky to have escaped the worst of it alive. If anything, I hope the story that I will be telling here will serve as a warning to others that there are very real and life altering dangers involved with attempting to peak behind the veil and capture evidence of it.

I will follow up this brief introduction with more into the background of my story and how I came to hear voices that I believe are spiritual in origin on a constant basis, for the most part cruel and tormenting, but on occasion very positive and inspiring.